About Munchies Galore

Munchies Galore is a team of people that LOVES finding the hottest spots to eat. We’re new to South Florida area, but love to travel. Our goal is to explore the latest food trends around South Florida, and advertise about the greatest noms on social media! We have an Instagram called @munchies__galore, where we post pictures of the most scrumptious looking eats. We also have a Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/munchgloriously¬† where we will be posting pictures and advertising restaurants, catering companies, or if you’re a great chef and want the world to know about it!

If you’re a food lover and you have pictures you want to show off to the world, send them our way. If you have a restaurant that you want more people to know about, let us know! We want to try your food and help your business BOOM. Always remember, everyone deserves to eat well, drink well, & be well.

Author: munchgloriously

Just a gal and her pals exploring the world of food and helping companies show off their food to the world!

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