The College Man’s Cookbook

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The College Man’s Cook Book – By George Hirsch Jr with Carrie Hirsh. Photographs by Butch Hirsch

A former employee of mine, genius salesman, and friend, George Hirsch, published “The College Man’s Cook Book”. This cookbook consists of 100 recipes (yes, ONE HUNDRED) to prepare if you’re living on a budget, have a tiny kitchen, and don’t have the best kitchen appliances to work with. Not to mention, the recipes in this cookbook are outstanding. The instructions to make each meal are simple and easy, for those who are new to the kitchen. This cookbook is perfect for anyone in college, and for those who are just starting to “adult” and get out in the real world for the first time.

The College Man’s Cook Book is available on Amazon for $19.95. There’s also a Facebook page, where you can read about the journey where this all started and see pictures of some glorious looking food. Here’s a sneak peak of something YOU could whip up in the kitchen from this book!


“Going Green Olive Tapenade” – This snack will cost you less than $4 to make.  Not to mention, there’s POP ROCKS. Simply, amazing.

french toast

A beautifully crafted looking french toast that you can whip up before class in just 10 minutes. Want to know how? It’s all in The College Man’s Cook Book, my friends!


Veggie Stir Fry… enough said.


Winner winner, chicken dinner!! You could whip up this beautiful Chicken Parm dish with spaghetti and salad on the side.




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