It’s like Tinder, But For Food!

Bite – Discover Great Food

That’s right, you can now start swiping right to your favorite foods and restaurants! This is all thanks to Peter Hwang, Timothy Ko, and David Ko, the founders of Bite.

Bite was discovered when Peter Hwang was taking a trip to New York City. Hwang was overwhelmed by the infinite amount of restaurants in NYC and like most people, could not decide on what he wanted to eat. Turning to Yelp and Trip Advisor can be overwhelming at times, and lead to an impulsive decision. The struggle was in fact, real. It was at that moment when a seemingly obvious, yet striking observation was realized by Hwang: WHERE people eat is determined by WHAT people eat. Rather than struggling to pick a restaurant, Bite flips the current industry standard by finding dishes and restaurants in seconds.

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I am personally a victim of not being able to decide on what I want to eat. This happens to me on a daily basis. The fact that I can go onto the Bite App, swipe for ideas of what I want, and look at SIMPLE reviews of the food at a restaurant in an instant is a breath of fresh air. Five Stars for Hwang and the Ko brothers!


The team is currently located in Philadelphia. Favorite restaurants of theirs are The Foodery, Rooster Soup Co., and Han Dynasty

Your worrying of not knowing what or where to eat ends here! Search for “bite review” or go to to find some great eats!


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Just a gal and her pals exploring the world of food and helping companies show off their food to the world!

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